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How To Remove Ads in Firefox

Recently I had some annoying ads starting showing up in Firefox. To remove ads in Firefox is quiet easy. I am not sure how but the Firefox Extension presented some pretty suggestive ads while viewing my facebook:

In order to remove the ads in Firefox open the Add-ons from the Firefox menu:

Then select the Extension you wish to remove, in my case I removed “SaveByClick 1” from Firefox:

The Firefox Ad Extension may be different from the one I have listed above. So go through the Firefox Extension list carefully and be sure to disable any unwanted extensions.

Additionally you can see in the above screen shot that I disabled AdBlock Plus for the purpose of this How To Remove Ads in Firefox. Rather then disabling or blocking ads I wanted to remove the offending Extension as this is Best Practice in IT.

I no longer have Ads in Firefox


Firefox Save Tabs on Exit

It only takes a couple of steps in order to Save Tabs on Exit for Firefox. The first step in order to Save Tabs on exit in Firefox run the following command in the internet URL (address bar), be aware of this warning that pops up and agree to the disclaimer:


The second step is to check the following setting:


The browser.showQuitWarning must be set to true. If the setting is on false double click the browser.showQuitWarning line and it will toggle to true.

The final step is to test the changes by opening a few websites in tabs and then close Firefox. Firefox should now prompt you to Save Tabs on Exit, this is the prompt you should receive:

At the time of writing this my version of Firefox 16.0.2.

In some cases additional settings may need to modified, see the following site for more instruction: Mozilla Support Forum – Firefox Save Tabs on Exit.