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VMware Server 2.0 and Windows 8 Pro Compatibility

VMware Server 2.0 and Windows 8 Pro are not compatible. Last weekend I upgraded my Windows 7 Ultimate PC to Windows 8 Pro. I was running VMware Server 2.0 and after the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro the VMware service would not start.

I tried to uninstall and re-install VMware Server 2.0 but it does not like Windows 8 Pro. If anything changes I will be sure to post back. The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant indicated that VMware Server was compatible but my “hands on” experience indicates otherwise.

Microsoft now includes Hyper-V for Windows 8 Pro. I can rebuild my virtual machines in Hyper-V which is nice. Be aware though Hyper-V only supports certain Operating Systems: Guest OS Support. You also need hardware which supports Hyper-V.

In addition to the above Hyper-V Guest OS support the following Linux Guests are supported but a Microsoft add-on is required: Hyper-V Linux Guest Support