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Windows 10 Threshold 2 & VMware Workstation Bridged Networking

A couple of days ago I updated my Windows 10 workstation with the new “Windows 10 Threshold 2” update. Once the upgrade was complete I launched VMware Workstation 12 Pro and noticed that my Virtual Machine did not have network connectivity.

Based on my past experience when upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 I discovered that VMware Workstation’s VMnet0 was removed. Due to this previous experience it made sense to check VMware Workstations “Virtual Network Editor” to confirm if VMnet0 had been removed again. Sure enough the same problem existed after applying “Windows 10 Threshold 2.”

To restore “Bridged Networking” in VMware Workstation you have to re-add VMnet0. In order to add VMnet0 you’ll need to restore your default network settings. Be warned though as any custom network configurations will be lost when restoring your default network settings. See my past post here: VMware Workstation Bridged Network Failure after upgrade to Windows 10.

If you have any issues restoring Bridged Networking please reply to this post or send me a note via the Contact Page.

Java installer Adware – too many web browser toolbars!

So Java is prompting you to update but I am here to tell you to be careful of the “Adware” they include on install. When updating or installing Java be sure to uncheck the optional installs boxes for Ask Toolbar and Ask Search engine: (click on image for larger screenshot)


Java and many other programs often partner with third party software providers and by default automatically install “Adware.” If you don’t watch for these options then your computer will be full of useless software. Remember before you click “Next, Next, Next” always read what you are clicking next to.

If you need help removing unwanted software please reach out to me via the Contact Page –