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SHAW mail servers UPDATE

As SHAW grows they are changing and as they change so do their systems. SHAW is now using the following for outgoing mail servers (SMTP) The original regional SHAW mail server list is below,  alternatively you may also click the following link for the official SHAW website: SHAW Regional Servers

If you need help setting up your email check out SHAWs guides here: email setup

City Outgoing Server
Fort McMurray
Red Deer
British Columbia
Port Alberni
Prince George
Portage La Prairie
Saulte St. Marie
Thunder Bay
Moose Jaw
Prince Albert
Swift Current

mutt command line attachment

Yesterday I was working on sending email with mutt from the command line. Today I want to show you how to send an attachment with mutt at the command line. Here is how to send an attachment using mutt from the command line:

# mutt command line attachment, using the switch -a
echo "message here" | mutt -s "subject" [email protected] -a /path-to-attachment

Now I attach my files a little differently. In most of my scripts I create a variable for logging, with mutt I can do two things, output the log directly to the message of the email and attach it as well. To send the contents of a file within the message do the following:

# mutt command line attachment, using the switch -a and cat command
cat /path-to-file.txt | mutt -s "subject" [email protected] -a /path-to-attachment

My code usually looks like the following (where “$LOGFILE” is predefined earlier in my script):

cat $LOGFILE | mutt -s "subject" [email protected] -a $LOGFILE

Your message body no contains the contents of the “path-to-file.txt” and has the file attached, a little redundant but some mobile phones have issues with different file extensions.

mutt command line

So today I was working on a script and I needed to send an email via the command line using the mutt client. This how I use mutt through the command line, mutt is a Linux email client… To use mutt you will first have to make sure mutt is installed, depending on your Linux OS the following command will vary but this is how I verified if mutt was installed or not:

yum info mutt


rpm -qa mutt

If you do not have mutt installed you will need to install it using one of the following commands: (you will need to login as root)

# to install mutt on centos or fedora run the following command
yum install mutt
# to install mutt on redhat run the following command
up2date -i mutt

Once mutt is installed you can try the following command, which will send an email using the mutt client:

echo "this is a test" | mutt -s "subject" [email protected]

If you don’t receive your email within a couple of minutes  then you will need to trouble shoot your computers mail server (the workstation/server will be using sendmail). You may need to re-configure the sendmail configuration file.


How to setup SHAW email in Windows Live Mail

Hi there, this is my quick guide on how to setup your SHAW e-mail with Windows Live Mail. You will need to first setup your SHAW e-mail address (that is if the SHAW installer or customer service rep did not already do this for you). Please visit the SHAW Customer Care website at You will also need to determine which SHAW incoming and outgoing SMTP servers through this link SHAW SMTP SERVERS (these will changed based on your location).


Step 1) open Windows Live Mail, if this is the first time you open Windows Live mail you will be prompted to enter your email accounts settings

Step 2) enter the SHAW mail server settings (incoming and out going SMTP servers)

Step 3) click finish

Step 4) if you configured the account correctly you should have an e-mail from SHAW in your inbox

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me or post here on my site, thank you for visiting!

How to: Setup your SHAW SMTP Mail Servers

Setup your SHAW SMTP Mail Servers for Outlook, Outlook Express & Windows Live Mail

Did you just buy a new computer and need to setup your Shaw E-mail in either Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail? If so then follow this guide. (this example shows an Outlook Express Setup)

STEP 1 Go to this Shaw SMTP SERVERS (please report if link is broken) and select the city your live in or live nearest to. This will populate the box next to it with you Shaw SMTP server name. (please click the image to your right to view an example)

STEP 2 Open your e-mail client (Outlook Express, Outlook or Windows Live). From the menu select “Tools” and then “Accounts.” If this is your first time opening your client a Wizard will pop-up and walk you through the steps. It is important that you follow the instructions.

STEP 3 Assuming you are using the wizard you will come to a step that asks you for the type of mail account (POP3, IMAP and HTTP) by default it should be set to POP3, leave it as POP3 or change it to POP3. On the same screen you will also be asked for the SMTP Mail Server, this is where you enter your Shaw SMTP Mail Server Name(s). (please click the image to your right to view an example)

Incoming SMTP Mail Server: SHAWMAIL.SERVER
Outgoing SMTP Mail Server : SHAWMAIL.SERVER
On the same screen you will also need to select the box that says “My Server Requires Authentication.”

STEP 4 Following the intructions finish the wizard, the last step should be you entering your User Name and Password.

That’s it, you should be done. Push the “Send/Receive” button and see what happens! If you have any issues don’t hesitate to contact us for further help.