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SSD Tools – SSD Life & Firmware Update

A couple of weeks ago I looked into SSD Life or the expected life of an SSD. At the time of writing this I have 2 different types of SSDs (Solid State Drive) in my computers at home. I have both Intel and SanDisk. Some of the Intel drives are older whereas the SanDisk drives are almost brand new. Several GOOGLE search’s suggested third party apps but after digging through the manufacture’s websites I found that both had tools/utilities for SSDs.

Intel and SanDisk each provide a tToolbox or Toolkit. These apps allow one to view the status of their drive, check the life time (or life cycle), apply firmware updates and much more. Firmware updates are important but if you do not know what you are doing then I suggest you take your computer into an authorized dealer or repair shop.

Intel SSD Toolbox:

SanDisk Toolkit:

Once I found these SSD apps I was able to view my drives life time and perform firmware updates. It was fun trying to update the Intel SSDs as they needed to be plugged into an Intel SATA controller. It took a lot of research on the web to find out that the Intel SSD Toolbox would not update a drives firmware unless it was connected via an Intel controller. You also need to have the correct drivers from Intel.

The SanDisk firmware update was also a bit of a challenge as I had to boot from and ISO image on a USB thumb-drive. Unfortunately the bootable ISO did not include USB drivers for my keyboard so I had to use an older PS2 Keyboard. Luckily for me motherboard had the PS2 connection.