Fixing Windows Error code 13EC (Windows Update KB2901983)

The other day I built a Virtual Machine to test errors I experienced in Outlook 2010. I applied the latest Windows Updates to the Virtual Machine however when I was prompted to update .NET 4.5.2 (KB2901983) I received the error code 13EC.

To resolve the Windows Update error code 13EC for KB2901983 I had to expand the virtual drive. My Virtual Machine had roughly 2 GB free prior to applying the update so I expanded the virtual disk by 5 GB and the update applied successfully.

If you have a physical machine then the issue is likely your C drive (operating system drive) is either full or to small.

Microsoft has a related post: click here.

3 thoughts on “Fixing Windows Error code 13EC (Windows Update KB2901983)

  1. Richard Medina

    Well I have 2.14 TB free on my C drive where windows 8.1 is installed and am receiving that Error code 13EC. It’s definitely not due to lack of free space. Any other ideas?

  2. Adrimar

    I believe this is not an issue with free disk space on drive C. I got a 340GB of free disk space on my drive C and still got the same error code 13EC.

  3. bskoreyko Post author

    The solution to my problem isn’t guaranteed to be a fix for anyone and everyone experiencing this error. If you could provide more details that would be great (Windows version, is your system up to date [aside from this update] do you have third part Anti-Virus installed, etc.)

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