Fedora Core 21 Server running in Hyper-V Windows 8.1

Over the weekend I decided to install Fedora Core 21 Server on my Windows 8.1 home server running Hyper-V. I was able to install Fedora Core 21 Server without having to run Linux Integration Services which is very nice as network, mouse/keyboard, hard drive functions work “out-of-the-box.”

On initial installation I disabled “Secure Boot.” In most cases I find that UEFI “Secure Boot” for Linux Virtual Machines in Hyper-V does not work.

Fedora Core 21 must have built in kernel support for Hyper-V however I have not been able to find any official documentation regarding “native kernel support for Hyper-V.” Fedora Core is similar to Red Hat and Cent OS so I am assuming the development team has included  native kernel support for Hyper-V, as they do with the newer releases of Red Hat and Cent OS.

It is worth noting that Hyper-V does not report Integration Services status or an IP address via the Hyper-V management console. Based on my experience with Hyper-V only Window’s Virtual Machines are reliable when reporting status such as Integration Services, Network IP, Heartbeat, etc.

Microsoft Tech Net highlights Linux Virtual Machine Guest Operating System Support here. Note that Fedora Core is not amongst the supported guest operating systems.

I also tried installing Fedora Core 21 Workstation which did not work. The Cloud version of Fedora Core 21Cloud requires a different environment in order to be deployed (openstack).

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