AMD RAIDXpert Utility for Windows 8 – Rebuild RAID1

Yesterday I discovered an issue on my Dad’s RAID1 array. In order to rebuild the array I had to download the AMD RAIDXpert Utility. The AMD RAIDXpert Utility was not easy to find at least not initially. Making matters worse the bios RAID controller GUI does not currently provide a rebuild option.

My fathers desktop is a custom built workstation and uses the motherboards onboard RAID controller. The factory disk which contains the motherboard drivers did contain the AMD RAIDXpert Utility however it didn’t contain the latest and greatest version which I needed for Windows 8. Making matters worse the motherboard vendor also did not provide the latest AMD RAIDXpert Utility for Window’s 8.

Fortunately after some good old Google searches I found the following forum post How to fix missing RAID1 drive. Within the post was a link to the AMD website which provided the download for the latest and greatest AMD RAIDXpert Utility. To download the AMD RAIDXpert Utility click here.

After finally fixing the issue and reviewing the AMD Drivers Download page I see how I initially missed the AMD RAIDXpert Utility…

Step 1) Navigate to the AMD Download Drivers webpage

Step 2) Use the link for your OS on the right hand side of the “Manually Select Your Driver.”

Step 3) Now select the optional downloads tab and scroll to the bottom. Download the AMD RAIDXpert Utility

If you are unable to find the download I would highly recommend reaching out to AMD support.

19 thoughts on “AMD RAIDXpert Utility for Windows 8 – Rebuild RAID1

  1. J.h.

    i just wanted to say Thank you Thank you Thank you. I have been all over the net, including Amds site, toms hardware, asus, etc trying to fond this accursed program.
    So after 2 days of searching, you have lead me to Raidxpert finally. AGain thank you

  2. Brendan Skoreyko Post author

    Happy I could be of some assistance. What motherboard do you have? I am curious because I think the vendors should be providing a link to the AMD RaidXpert Utility. In my case Gigabyte did not provide a link to the AMD RaidXpert Utility which would have been nice.

  3. Craig

    I stumbled across your page after googling for hours as I seem to have the exact same problem. I also cannot download the RAIDXpert software (seemingly the only thing that can help me now) as it is still missing from the AMD website.

    If you could send me a link of where I can download the utility from also, I’d be very grateful.

    Many thanks.

  4. Krisu

    I cant also seem to find the Raidxpert anywhere.

    Why is AMD hiding the application.

    Is there a possibility to get the download link?

  5. LaFleur

    AMD RAIDXpert can be downloaded here !! You must use a download manager such as getright !! otherwise DL will be blocked 😉


  6. Pat

    I’m still trying find the RAIDXpert utility for Windows 8.1. I opened up another support case with AMD so we’ll see where that goes. I’m not sure why they are making this so difficult…

    My AMD chipset is AMD 870 + SB850. Does anyone know if they have this chipset working with Windows 8.1 and RAIDXpert? My motherboard is GA-870A-UD3 if that matters. Everything works for me except for the missing RAID drivers.


  7. Brendan Skoreyko Post author

    Hi Pat,

    I’ve emailed you and within the email is a link to download the driver.

    I am curious to know what AMD/ATI response is. Could you pleas share with us what they say?

    Thank you,

  8. michel

    I am agree for the version 3.3.1540.19
    The good version of raidxpert for my motherboard (asus M4A88TD-M, AMD 880G / SB 850) is 3.3.1540.19 (the 3.3.1540.38 must also, but i can’t find it).
    Now, i can synchronise my raid 10 array without any issu in windows 8.1 pro (Ccleaner don’t modifided RaidXpert fonctionnement) .
    The version 3.3.1540.19 and 3.3.1540.38 use services “Raidxpert”; than when Ccleaner cleans some elements of Firefoxe (like session precisly), there are no concequency for Raidxpert.
    In the past , i used version 3.31540.24: After cleaning, if i want use RaidXpert, i received “http error 500”; [ccleaner sweped the session firefox linked at raidexpert, than no more session available for raiXpert].

    Soory, i am french; not easy to wright english in the texte!

  9. Adam Senour

    Hey Brandon,

    Since you’re doing all of us a solid by letting us all know about the RAIDXpert utility (merci from Canada for that, by the way!), here’s a solid in turn.

    The third link down contains the RAIDXpert utility. You can also get at it the way I did…download the “auto detect utility”, and there’s a tiny link for “Chipset drivers” that will lead you to the link above.

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