SYNC My iTunes – “iTunes is busy”

Ford SYNC My Ride is a very cool feature and SYNC My iTunes is an added bonus for those of  you with Apple devices such as an iPod/iTouch/iPhone.

Last week I tried to SYNC my fiances iPod with Sync My iTunes however after an update or turning on a feature SYNC My iTunes broke. Each time I attempted to SYNC My iTunes I received an error stating “iTunes is busy…”

In order to resolve this problem I had to turn off “Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases:”

Once that setting was off I could successfully update her iPod again:

What is SYNC My iTunes: SYNC My iTunes indexes your music library so that SYNC My Ride can play your iTunes collection through an Apple device. SYNC My Ride is powered by Microsoft and therefor requires SYNC My iTunes to organize music

2 thoughts on “SYNC My iTunes – “iTunes is busy”

  1. Gunther Kastenholz

    I have another solution for when the “Show iTunes in the Cloud Purchases” solutions doesn’t work. The root of the problem is Sync My iTunes triggers iTunes to access the internet. I tried unchecking everything in settings that could possibly trigger an internet query, to no avail. I noticed that it stopped every time at song #1242 in my library, so I ran Sync My iTunes (Debug) to see which song it stopped on. Then I went back to my library and noticed it was a song that had a light gray cloud icon in the cloud column. I think this means it’s a file that’s in my cloud that iTunes hasn’t downloaded yet. There were several songs like this, and they had working, identical copies of the same song already on my computer. I sorted by the cloud column, deleted all these songs, and Sync My iTunes finally worked.

  2. Tom

    I have this problem too but none of the fixes I’ve found work. I have nothing showing up in the iCloud column but i usually have that turned off anyway. I know how to run Synch My iTunes and have used it for years until this problem came up but how do you run Sync My iTunes (Debug)?

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