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How To Remove Ads in Firefox

Recently I had some annoying ads starting showing up in Firefox. To remove ads in Firefox is quiet easy. I am not sure how but the Firefox Extension presented some pretty suggestive ads while viewing my facebook:

In order to remove the ads in Firefox open the Add-ons from the Firefox menu:

Then select the Extension you wish to remove, in my case I removed “SaveByClick 1” from Firefox:

The Firefox Ad Extension may be different from the one I have listed above. So go through the Firefox Extension list carefully and be sure to disable any unwanted extensions.

Additionally you can see in the above screen shot that I disabled AdBlock Plus for the purpose of this How To Remove Ads in Firefox. Rather then disabling or blocking ads I wanted to remove the offending Extension as this is Best Practice in IT.

I no longer have Ads in Firefox


Large Parallels Plesk log files – Reduce Parallels Plesk log file size

Recently I ran into an issue with Paralles Plesk 11 for UNIX/Linux where log files for a specific virtual host took up a larger than normal amount of space. In Parallels Plesk 11 you can actually modifying log file settings through the Control Panel GUI.

The below are examples of some of the log files in Parallels Plesk 11 which grew large in size, approximately 200 MB each which chewed through hosting space.


Through GOOGLE I was able to fine the solution however it was not so easy to find. Below is s short guide to modify the Parallels Plesk 11 log files (may also be referred to log rotation)

Open Parallels Control Panel > Select Websites & Domains > Show Advanced Options > Select Logs > Under Tools select Log Rotation > Modify Log settings as required, click Ok or Cancel