The perfect Window XP Setup, Part 3: optimizing your windows xp installation

– Depending on your computer’s hardware configuration you may want to disable the graphic effects of Windows XP. By disabling these graphics affect you reserve the system resources for other tasks.

  • To modify your Windows XP graphics settings “Right Click My Computer >> Select the Advanced Tab >>in the Performance section select the Settings button” no adjust your settings (I recommend Adjust for best performance if you have limited hardware)

– Decrease the storage size of your recycling bin

  • Right click the Recycling Bin Icon and select properties, now decrease the size to 1% and click ok

– Internet Explorer

  • Disable third part cookies, always accept trusted
  • Empty temporary internet files upon exit (close) of IE
  • Reduce cache size
  • Set your home page to about:blank or Google (by selecting no page or a website with minimal content your web browser will load faster… I personally load Google)

– Change the amount of virtual memory your computer can use, the general rule is 1.5 – 2.5 more than the physical RAM you have in your machine

– Disable non system critical start-up programs (as mentioned before in Customize you Windows XP installation steps…)

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