How to setup SHAW email in Windows Live Mail

Hi there, this is my quick guide on how to setup your SHAW e-mail with Windows Live Mail. You will need to first setup your SHAW e-mail address (that is if the SHAW installer or customer service rep did not already do this for you). Please visit the SHAW Customer Care website at You will also need to determine which SHAW incoming and outgoing SMTP servers through this link SHAW SMTP SERVERS (these will changed based on your location).


Step 1) open Windows Live Mail, if this is the first time you open Windows Live mail you will be prompted to enter your email accounts settings

Step 2) enter the SHAW mail server settings (incoming and out going SMTP servers)

Step 3) click finish

Step 4) if you configured the account correctly you should have an e-mail from SHAW in your inbox

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me or post here on my site, thank you for visiting!

14 thoughts on “How to setup SHAW email in Windows Live Mail

  1. shain

    I have windows live I newer version (Dec 2011)
    I want to know how to change the background color and the printed color.

    My friend said to go to “format” Background colour or picture I can not seem to find that on my version he has had an email forever so it is not the same program.
    Thank you for your help

  2. admin

    Hi Shain,

    Unfortunately from the research I have done there is no way to change the background color of your email messages in Windows Live Mail. There are some posts on various forums on the internet that state you should be able to but after going through the program myself I see no way to change the background color. Perhaps Microsoft will release an update for Windows Live Mail that will enable this feature.

    To confirm that this setting is NOT available please open Windows Live Mail and go into OPTIONS –> select the COMPOSE TAB and look for a setting called STATIONERY. If this setting is not there then you cannot change the background, however if you have this setting you can create a stationery and set your background. This is the site I used to check and confirm if the feature was available.

    Alternatively you could look at using another email program, if you are interested I would suggest Thunderbird.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else. Thanks and have a great day!

  3. HELEN

    I am unable to send out any emails. I receive emails. I have no problem with OUTLOOK EXPRESS. But on Windows 7, I can’t send out the email on the Windows live mail on my shaw account. would you please help?
    The connection to the server has failed.

    here is the error message.
    Server: ‘’
    Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0E
    Protocol: SMTP
    Port: 25
    Secure(SSL): Yes
    Socket Error: 10060

  4. Photis

    Is it possible to use IMAP with Shaw email? I’d like to set up a new Shaw account that I’ll access through Windows Live Mail.

  5. Brendan Skoreyko

    Currently SHAW does not provide an IMAP service.

    You could use POP3 and modify the account settings to leave copies on there server until they are deleted on the local email client (Windows Live Mail). Take a look at this link here, it shows Windlows Live Mail being configured as POP3: SHAW Windows Live Mail.

    If you have anymore questions please post back or email me.

    Thank you!

  6. Carla Livingstone

    Is it possible to use Window’s Live Mail with a Shaw email address but using Telus internet?

    Thank You,


  7. Brendan Skoreyko

    Hi Carla,

    Yes it is possible. What you need to do is set the incoming SMTP mail server to SHAWS and the outgoing SMTP mail server to TELUS.

    If you need more help I need to know which City you are in as SHAW and TELUS have specific incoming/outgoing SMTP servers.

    Thank you,

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