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How to setup SHAW email in Windows Live Mail

Hi there, this is my quick guide on how to setup your SHAW e-mail with Windows Live Mail. You will need to first setup your SHAW e-mail address (that is if the SHAW installer or customer service rep did not already do this for you). Please visit the SHAW Customer Care website at You will also need to determine which SHAW incoming and outgoing SMTP servers through this link SHAW SMTP SERVERS (these will changed based on your location).


Step 1) open Windows Live Mail, if this is the first time you open Windows Live mail you will be prompted to enter your email accounts settings

Step 2) enter the SHAW mail server settings (incoming and out going SMTP servers)

Step 3) click finish

Step 4) if you configured the account correctly you should have an e-mail from SHAW in your inbox

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me or post here on my site, thank you for visiting!

Posting Source Code in WordPress

Posting Source Code… in my WordPress Blog… So the other day I decided that it is time I spend some more time blogging and documenting the things I do on the computer, whether is be on Windows, MAC or Linux. With all the examples I am starting to post and want to post I figured it would be nice to show the example in its actual code syntax/format.

I started by signing up for the forums, great place. I obviously needed a plugin, extension or hack to get my “source code” to post properly in WordPress. I thought that maybe is was a quote thing but it turns out I was a little off. Click here to see my post in the wordpress forums.

Step 1) download the plugin

Step 2) read instructions on how to use the plugin

Step 3) post some code using the
[sourcecode language="css"]
your code here

Thank you to the wonderful user listed in the above link I was able to install a plugin called “SyntaxHighlighter Evolved.” With a little bit of reading I was on my way, I can now post my source code to WordPress.

Plugin/Extension – SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

How to use SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

My appeal for help! ( forums)


How to force copy in Linux… force cp linux

Most users would expect to run a command like the following:

cp -rf <filename> <filename>

But the “f” option doesn’t always work. The reason is doesn’t always work is because it is aliased. To check what commands are aliased type “alias” at you command line. Please be aware that depending on which user you are logged in as your alias will change based on the user. In order to run a command that is aliased you will need to run it as follows:

/bin/cp -rf <filename> <filename>

By escaping the alias you will be able to use the -f –force option with cp.