Intel Stock Heatsink’s Disappointing – PART 1

Well after replacing my fourth Intel Stock Heatsink I think it is safe to say that the Heatsinks which Intel provides don’t actually provide sufficient cooling.

I started with an Intel Pentium D805 which actually ran fairly cool however once I replaced the stock heat sink with an after market Zalman the average temperature dropped almost 10 degrees C! I just recently upgraded the D805 to an E5200 which runs around 35 degrees C (same Zalman heatsink).

My main system runs a Intel Quad Core Extreme 6850. To be fair this chip runs hot period, no matter which heatsink you have this chip just runs hot! I did replace stock heatsink right off the bat as the Intel stock heatsink sounded like a hair blow dryer, man it was loud. I choose yet another Zalman CPU cooler which brought the CPU temperature down 10 plus degrees depending on the task, some temperatures dropped 15 degrees or more!

Now my final problem, to date… Is my new Media Center PC. I bought an Intel Quad Core 9300 which is encased in an Silverstone LC13. With the current stock Intel heatsink I am getting temperature readings up around 60 degrees. Way to hot for my liking so I purchased a Scythe Shuriken and plan to install it tonight, I will post back with results!

If anyone has anything to add please do! I should also mention that I am using Speed Fan to obtain the readings and that I DON’T RECOMMEND USING THE STOCK HEATSINK WHICH SHIPS WITH YOUR INTEL PROCESSOR.

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